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More Than A Barrier

Best Darn Mask Story

Best Darn Mask was founded out of Pete Gazlay's search for protection for his 100 commercial cleaning team members during the COVID pandemic. N-95 and disposable surgical masks were impossible to purchase. He had purchased cotton surgical masks for his team, but as he hired more people and the cotton masks started to wear out he was looking for a better solution.

He found Kent Ellis  who came up with the idea of making an operating table warm after his mother came out of a surgery freezing cold and took hours to warm back up. He uses polypyrrole material as his heating element in the beds and the smart fabric happens to be anti-microbial. Kent thought what if he made a mask from this material and the Best Darn Mask was born!

Kent attended Colorado State University in the 1970's and Pete attended in the 1980's. There was lots of research on the antimicrobial properties of PPy, but none on its efficacy against SARS CoV2 the virus behind COVID-19.  More frustrating Kent couldn't find a lab to test it.

Pete used their CSU bond and his local connections in Fort Collins, CO to find a researcher at Colorado State University. Dr. Nicole Kruh-Garcia is leading the study on the PPY material for COVID-19. Ironically the Level 3 Bio-Safety Laboratory is waiting on PPE so the testing can be conducted.  We've heard the PPE is on the way and tests to should be starting soon (Updated 5/21/2020).

Pete and Kent saw how a mask that made of PPy was so different from everything else on the market. 

This smart fabric barrier mask protects on two levels. If the wearer is symptomatic the microbes are captured inside the mask and killed by the PPy. When the wearer is around other people any potential microbes from the carrier are killed on contact with the outside of the PPy mask.

The mask can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. It can be laundered or autoclaved and reused. One study washed the mask 65 times at 175 degrees Fahrenheit and the PPy material retained it’s effectiveness.

Because it can be laundered this mask can eliminate shortages around PPE. It is greener for the environment as compared to a disposable masks.

During the pandemic there has been a shortage of PPE for medical and frontline workers. This compelled Kent to make sure the product was Made In The USA. This creates essential jobs and assures the supply chain is uninterrupted keeping our workers safe.

Pete saw that if front line workers had a mask they could wear everyday that could keep them healthy and was washable, the combination could greatly relieve the PPE shortage and prioritize medical masks to our healthcare workers.  The Best Darn Mask is the product of these creative efforts.

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Best Darn Mask for everyone from your children to front line workers. Backed by the Best Darn Science and the Best Darn People.